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Ever spend hours on an image only to realise you've taken it too far, or you were trying to get to a point that was a bit different to the norm?

Nothing at all wrong with going over images again in post processing and trying to come up with something a little different, as someone who pedals his wares over the interweb, I know that sometimes you have to inject something a little different into the melting pot just to see what comes out the other side. Much as the giant Sony Corporation have done with their DSLR's and CSC cameras over the last few years, sometimes you have to throw a lot of mud at something to see what sticks! I'm not a giant corporation but I do realise that some times I have to experiment a little...

Anyway to cut to the chase, I've been working on an image of the washed out landing stage at Ashness on Derwentwater, Don't know why but for some reason I couldn't leave it alone, I've worked on it for a few nights, scrapping it and then starting again and again and... Well you get the picture!  So last niight I thought I had got the image to point where I was satisfied that it met the criteria of being both Different (For me!) and a reasonably commercial looking image. I put it up on the screen of my PC full size and went downstairs for a well earned cuppa and a veg in front of the telly, I have got into the habit of leaving my last image full screen on the PC, so that I can gauge initial reaction from my long suffering Partner and Photo Widow.

Oft I will get "Thats a nice picture" lofted down the stairs and I use her opinion as a yardstick on whether it's worth proceeding to put the image on the site for sale. However, this one did not get that far, I returned upstairs after a short while as something was bothering me about the image, something familiar something not right and as soon as I popped my head around the office door I realised what it was...


I've damn near made, THAT IMAGE! Haven't I? You know the one?

Oh the cliché!


Back to the drawing board then...

Ashness DreamscapeAshness Dreamscape


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