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So how did Exaggerated Perspectives come in to being? What got me into the Lake District and Landscape Photography? Well the short answer is Life, Love and Digital! 30 Years ago when I first picked up a Camera, (A Pentax ME Super) Photography was a means to record exactly what I saw on a day to day basis, and nothing more. So what changed? Well, at least I hope you take a look around this site and come away with the impression that something changed!
Failed relationships, Redundancy, Illness, Redundancy Again, you get the picture, the usual rough and tumble of human existence. However, through it all, I had my photography, something that was always there, a constant if you will. I trundled on with my snapping, quite happily putting a couple of film rolls in per week for developing and printing, some came out and inevitably some didn't, then came Digital! The whole process from start to finish in your own hands, marvellous! Once I became involved in the manipulation of my own pictures I realized how bad they were! This revelation was both depressing and inspiring at the same time, spurring me on to become more creative. I read book after book and subscribed to just about every magazine on the planet in order to better myself; my techniques improved but I could never find what I wanted to inspire me on a creative level.
That came with Ann my long suffering Partner and her love of the outdoors; we started Fell Walking, I began to love it (though not at first). I started to view things differently get a real feel for the Landscape, revel in being in the fresh air with space to breathe and just Be.
That was nearly Ten years ago and the outdoors and indeed my Partner Ann are still inspiring me. I feel my photography is improving all the time and my love of both the outdoors and Ann grows with each passing day. Her constant encouragement has given me the belief to follow "My Star". "Go on make a Website" "Yes you can do it" , She is unwavering in her Support.
So I Dedicate this Site to Her...
To Ann, the love of my life...