Helm Crag, A last Hurrah!

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... For now, I'm off the road for a bit, due to Knee Surgery!

So anyway, last weekend I thought I'd better give my legs a bit of a stretch before having to do the Hospital thing, due to the fact that I am the personification of "Organised Chaos", we arrived late in the afternoon and it was hot, so this was probably not the best walk for an Asthmstic like myself but Hey ho!

From Grasmere: Start the walk by getting onto the Easdale Rd next to the Heaton Cooper Galleries and walk straight on past Goody Bridge Farm, then instead of crossing the little Bridge across the stream beside the Rd (Tis is the way to Easedale Tarn). Bear right and Keep going across the meadow following the narrow paved road to Lancrigg, where you enter a more sheltered, wooded area with the start to the walk thus.

Phone Pic Apology:

Helm Crag Start PointHelm Crag Start Point


You soon hit the trail which is stepped and therefore quite hard up until about 250m.


Great views over towards Easdale Tarn and Langdale!

After this it starts to flatten off into more of a traditional trail, which dog legs right then left and over the the top via the Lion and the lamb to the Howitzer, When you get to the Lion and the Lamb, pause and take in the view, on a clear day you can see Rydal Water, Grasmere, Coniston Water and Windemere from here!

It's a good trail, you can't miss it and it's difficult to get it wrong! Return simply by reversing the Route...

Caveat: If you have any sort of breathing difficulty don't do it on a warm muggy day like I did! The first 250m up the trail on the stepped part of the route is very hard on the lungs, it's steep, take little steps and above all, take your time!


Lake Views, Lion and The Lamb and the Howitzer

Cheers Jules...




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