Angle Tarn from Patterdale

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Angle Tarn from Patterdale


Angle Tarn is a very pretty little tarn on a natural shelf, near Patterdale.  It’s very popular for wild campers, and its close proximity to the Coast to Coast path means it is frequently visited by walkers.

From the cottage (when you’re there you'll know what I mean!) turn left and then turn right over Goldrill Bridge. Follow the road to the end and round to the left. Turn right through the gate up onto the fell and head up the path to the right towards Boredale Hause. The path splits after 100 yards or so and you can take either path up to the Hause. We prefer the top one on the way up and the lower one on the way down! (We hate coming back the same way!) Continue up until you reach Boredale Hause.

From Boredale Hause head off to the right following the path over the small beck. Follow this all the way to Angle Tarn, take a path across a small bridge half cut into the fellside and half made of railway sleepers, looks and sounds more precarious than it is but it's well worth it as from there on you are afforded some lovely views of Helvellyn and Catseye Cam to name but two! Either way you go you end up in the same place so there is little to worry about here (No getting lost anyway!).

Major landmarks visible on the horizon are, from memory, St. Sunday Crag, Nethermost Pike, Helvellyn, and Catstye Cam.

Quite a selection!


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