The "X" Files... Or maybe, Becoming an "X"Man...

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Due to a continuing financial nightmare, and physical health issues. I have been forced recently to re-align my priorities with reality and stop coveting massively expensive and Heavy lenses and camera's, and try to ply my trade with something smaller lighter and above all cheaper than Full Frame and APSC DSLR's.

Enter the Fuji X-T1..

Pic Below: Copyright Fujifilm.


Now this is not a Fuji X-T1 review just an update of what's been happening lately, here at exaggerated perspectives.

So with that done on to a quick overview of my thoughts on the X-T1 and then a few of the recent captures with this beast!

First off it's solid but light, the two really just don't seem to go together but it is, around half the weight of the Pentax K3 but just as solid in the hand. Also I have found during the last three weeks or so with it that, there really isn't anything that it cannot do that the K3 could, the only downside to the Fuji system now as I see it is lack of Lenses but we all know they are working on it.

It is just as responsive as any DSLR that I have owned and the colours, oh the colours, nirvana!

I was lucky in that I got hold of mine just a few weeks after launch and my sample did not have any leak issues with the port covers that some samples have had, confirmed by Fujifilm UK as not being within this range I felt immediately heartened by this but all is not quite perfect. My sample has a squidgy D-Pad on the rear of the camera, because of the way the camera is designed it is difficult to operate the right hand quartile due to the proximity of the thumb grip, and It had some  sensor dust on the APSC sensor but it came away with judicious use of a "Giotto's Rocket Blower". I left it there for a bit because I just couldn't put it down and that brings me to the real plus point of the X-T1.

Caveat: Over the last six weeks i have gotten used to the D-pad and my muscle memory seems to kick in here, I am getting very few "Misses" when operating the D-pad now, and Fuji UK tell me it is quite within spec and that THERE IS NO MYSTICAL NEW SET OF D-PAD BUTTONS OUT THERE! Right you've been told! Man uo and you'll get used to it!

I REALLY JUST DON'T WANT TO PUT IT DOWN! (Did i mention that already?) It has re-ignited my passion for Landscape photography and I want to be out there every waking minute with the X-T1! I can forgive it a little dust and even the D-Pad issues (Though I do hear that newer samples have been improved, C'MON FUJI! Don't do a Nikon, (Had a D600 for a year!) Man up and fix it, the world will love you for it!) 

So far my few niggles with the Camera and calls to Fuji UK support have been nothing but helpful and informative, bravo Fuji! You are bucking the trend in UK customer support, fix the D-Pad and we can be bestest mates forever!

This is not meant to be one of those internet pieces that disses Fuji, quite the opposite, what I see in them is a company that is trying to be different and give customers what they want, not like other manufacturers who do not seem to listen to their clients/customers or are too big to care about the individual, Fujifilm Care! 

For that they deserve your support and mine too for that matter! Not perfect but getting there, listening and evolving, come to think of it, I think I'm starting to evolve a bit too...  Into an "X" Man!

Not going to wear my underpants outside my trousers though!

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