Biblically Black

February 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I have lived in Cumbria all of my life and yesterday, given there was to be an afternoons respite in the constant tipping it down scenario, I decided to go on a bit of a Photo Jaunt, mainly because I've bin stuck indoors the last two weeks, due to the A: The Weather and B: The pain from my Hallux Rigidus (arthritic big toe that now won't bend!) and a torn Meniscus in the opposing knee. Good Aren't I?
Anyway got out to Ambleside and did the short hop or is it hobble to Loughrigg and back via the terrace of the same name, as I said before I have lived here all of my life but in all of that time I have never seen clouds as black as those I witnessed yesterday...

1: Snow Capped Lingmoor from Loughrigg Tarn

2: Sunspots, Grasmere from Loughrigg Terrace

3: Bible Black, Grasmere and Dunmail Raise from Loughrigg Terrace

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